Yearly Maintenance Program

What is the Yearly Maintenance Program?

Over the years, City Wide has solved many problems for clients – everything from dealing with multiple vendors to making sure their building is receiving proper maintenance services. And while having City Wide schedule and manage these services has eliminated stress for these owners and property managers, City Wide has always continued to look for new ways to make it even easier for our clients.

That’s why we developed the Yearly Maintenance Program. Its initiative is meant to help you not only plan ahead, but plan in advance an entire year’s worth of maintenance services. You know your facility will need this work done, so schedule ahead to save yourself stress, time, and money in the long run!

Benefits of Scheduling Services a Year in Advance

We understand it’s not easy for facility owners or property managers to plan a year in advance for their building. In fact, many lack the time needed for such planning. Not only are you trying to figure out what should be done for your facility on a regular basis throughout the year, but the search to find people who will do quality work can be overwhelming.

The plus side is, in addition to saving you stress, scheduling maintenance services in advance can save you time and money. And, City Wide is here to manage it all for you. Parking lot sweeping annually? Booked! Window washing twice a year? Check! Quarterly carpet cleaning? Done!

Services to Consider Scheduling in Advance This Year for Your Facility

Let us help you have the best year for your facility. Contact us today for a no-obligation bid on scheduling these services in advance this year.