Commercial Pest Control

Pest control in your building is essential for maintaining a healthy environment. Effective pest control is always a process and should never be treated as a one-time occurrence. However, when it’s a large space, sometimes it’s hard to check every nook and cranny.

City Wide manages only the top pest control professionals to create a strategy that provides year-round protection for your building. Facility needs vary depending upon your environment and industry. That’s why it’s critical to hire top talent to oversee pest control and ensure it is handled 24/7. Below are some additional steps you can take to combat the problem.

Reducing the Risk

It is important to understand the specific pests in your region that can pose a problem. For example, there is a big difference between flies and mice. If you live in a seasonal area, expect the issue to be worse in severe conditions—both warm and cold.

Staying proactive is important. Consider the following to reduce the risk of any infestations:

Waste Disposal

Start by examining the methods in which the building disposes of waste. All receptacles, bins, and cans should have a lid and be tightly sealed. There should be no open trash areas in sight. Garbage should be disposed of regularly and it’s best if all outside bins are air tight. Unattended debris and landscaping outside of the building should be maintained at all times.


City Wide can manage the cleaning of your facility on a regular basis. This also helps to mitigate the risk of pests. A continuous cleaning schedule not only facilitates daily operations, but also identifies additional issues that can lead to pest problems.


During cold or rainy months, it’s important to check for cracks, crevices, and any other openings that are unsealed. These can be open invitations that welcome pests inside. Additionally, leaking pipes, open doors and windows, and any faulty fixtures can also invite the unwanted. Excess water is one of the main things that can attract bugs in the first place.


Limiting access to the property and inspecting the building on a continuous basis are other ways in which you can combat pest problems. Any exterior holes, cracks, or damage must be repaired to block creepy crawlers from getting in.

Food left in the breakroom or office should be disposed of and the fridge should be cleaned on a consistent basis. Inside trash should be changed daily, including every office receptacle.

When the basics aren’t enough, City Wide has the specific experience and knowledge to manage necessary pest control services year round. We can help you maintain a pest-free environment at all times.

Whether it is to assist with a current issue, or prevent one from occurring, City Wide has access to experts who can come on-site and evaluate your situation. They can then provide various service options that will safeguard your facility from pests. With decades of experience, let the experts handle the maintenance while you focus on business growth.