Say Goodbye to Small Tasks

Let’s be honest: moving furniture isn’t rocket science, hanging pictures isn’t structural engineering, and patching a hole in the wall isn’t quantum physics. Sure, you could take care of it yourself, but the reason you need a handyman isn’t because of the difficulty. You need a handyman for these tasks because it’s more efficient and less dangerous to yourself and your business.

To help you see what we could help with, here are the five of the most common handyman requests that facilities need every year.

Patching and Painting
Whether a swinging doorknob punches through the drywall or a chair back rubs the paint away, a regular request for City Wide is a patch and paint service. Often this includes replacing a small portion of the drywall with a patch and spackle, sanding the surface smooth and even, then painting the wall to match. Even minor blemishes on walls can diminish the overall appearance of the building.

Ceiling Tiles
Sagging, broken, or water-marked ceiling tiles are very common in facilities with ventilation above the drop ceiling. Frequently this is caused by air conditioner condensation or leaks in the pipes or roof. If you don’t catch this early, mold can form and become a health hazard to everyone in the office. Replacing these damaged tiles doesn’t take long and can make a big difference in the look and feel of your office.

Doors and Windows
Door knobs, handles, and window latches become loose with use. Hinges and automatic door systems can break or become stiff, making their use annoying or even impossible. Uneven thresholds can present a tripping hazard and cause doors to close improperly. It’s important to replace these in facilities before they break and turn your doorway or window into an obstacle.

Moving Furniture
When renovating or reorganizing the office, furniture and cubicles may need to be moved or disassembled. Bringing in a professional for this assures the job is done efficiently and effectively without damaging property.

Picture Hanging
Photos, art, and designs hung on the walls can sometimes need to be placed carefully. This is especially true if the frame is large, cumbersome, or in a difficult to reach location. By enlisting the help of our Handyman Services, your building’s property will be taken care of and look its best.

As with any maintenance service, you want to make sure the job is done right. City Wide manages these details for you, making sure your projects are completed to your satisfaction, every time.