Maintenance management isn’t just convenient, it saves you money!




Have the right expertise at your disposal

Trying to manage your own maintenance solutions is difficult if you don’t have industry experience. Therefore, having a maintenance management system is beneficial when tackling any issue your building is facing. Instead of guessing what the issue is and wasting valuable time hunting for the right contractor, you can have an expert readily available. Let’s say you manage the facility maintenance in your building. Whether the issue your building is facing is electrical, plumbing, sanitation, or anything else, being able to recognize exactly what the issue is crucial. Not only that, you run the risk of overlooking a critical issue in your building that an expert could’ve easily identified. Having City Wide manage your facility solutions can save you from having to deal with the following:

  • Performing background checks on all contractors
  • Booked contractors
  • Finding several different contractors for various jobs
  • Going outside of your budget

Having the right expertise can save you from having a contractor come by to tell you to find someone with a different specialty. This wastes valuable time, and in some instances, could cost money. Make sure you have someone who can recommend the right person for the job from the very start. Having a dedicated Facility Solutions Manager from City Wide is a surefire way to make sure you get the right person for the job and stay within your budget. With our industry-leading expertise and experience in facility maintenance, we know the right approach to all your facility’s needs.


You will spend only what you need

Typically, there are a variety of contractors who can solve your problems, and two main criteria people look for: 1) Do they provide acceptable quality of service? 2) Are they within budget? The best contractor for the job isn’t always the one who has the highest rating on Yelp. While they are likely to be more than capable, they can carry a huge premium for their services. You may be able to avoid this by looking around online for alternatives, but this can be time-consuming, and you can be unsure of what type of person you will interact with.

With City Wide, all contractors will have gone through an extensive background check as well as a reputation check. This is to ensure they are able to perform at the level of quality that is up to our standards and can be trusted to be at your facility. We also ensure they are within your budget.

Reduce downtime

The saying “Time is money” rings true, especially when it comes to time that could be better allocated to more crucial projects. Every time a piece of equipment is inoperable, an area is not properly disinfected, or there is anything in your facility that is hindering work from being done; that is money that is being wasted. Having a facility management company ensure that routine maintenance is performed can ensure that downtime is minimized.

Having maintenance management solutions is a worthwhile investment that will ensure there is an optimal work environment and all maintenance issues are addressed, saving you time and money in the long run.