What Kind of Commercial Floor Mats Does Your Building Need?

Commercial Floor Mats Buildings

Have you ever walked into a building without commercial floor mats? If it’s raining outside and/or you have shoes on that don’t have a good grip on the sole, it’s a dangerous combination. But that’s only a couple of ways slips and falls can happen on a property. Most property and facility managers choose to…

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Easy Tips and Tricks to Create a Welcoming Building Entrance

Entrance Mats Building Tips Tricks

When you think of first impressions, where does your mind go? Do you think of walking into an interview looking sharp? Does your mind go to meeting someone important? Or being prepared for a presentation in front of your company? First impressions seem to expand much further than just our personal style or presentation skills….

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This Video Captures the Importance of Entrance Mats at Work

Entrance Mats Work Businesses

In the last few years, our culture has become obsessed with how many steps we take in a day. So would it surprise you to learn the average American only takes around 4,700 steps per day? That’s according to a study done last year by Stanford University. It seems like a goal only an individual…

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Can Professional Janitorial Services Really Save You Time? Here’s The Answer.

Janitorial Services Professional Supplies

Do you remember the first major decision you ever needed to make? Most likely not, but isn’t it true that being a decision maker doesn’t get easier with age? Each decision that presents itself comes with its own pros, cons, and implications. At the end of the day, you still need to make the call….

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3 Ways to Tell if Your Janitorial Staff is Doing a Poor Job

Office Cleaning Complaints Janitorial Problems

At 5:00 p.m., most of us are packing up for the day and preparing to leave the office. Your mind might be filled with things such as what you’re going to have for dinner, what time your kid’s soccer practice begins, or if you can possibly go one more night without throwing in a load…

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An Expert Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Floor Care

Where do we all go when we have questions about commercial floor care? Typically it’s Google, but sometimes the questions we ask can give an overwhelming amount of answers or a wide-range of advice. To save you time and frustration, we’ve asked an expert at Regal Distributing, Greg Page, weighs in on some frequently asked…

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This Professional Finds Popular Hardwood Floor Videos Gone Wrong

Have you ever noticed a hardwood floor that wasn’t sanded or refinished correctly? It’s a tough mistake to hide once the damage is done. In fact, the video below will reveal just how hard it is to cover it up. Ben Osbourne is a floor sanding professional and YouTube sensation. So when he stumbled across…

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Hardwood Floor Problems? What You Should Never Use To Clean Them…

Hardwood Floor Care Problems Solutions

Walking into a building with beautiful hardwood floors can create a stunning first impression. But when it starts to show scrapes and damage, stress sets in for the building owner—especially if it’s only a few years old. Instead of looking into replacement costs, many might attempt a do-it-yourself approach to repair the hardwood floor. After…

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See the Dramatic Transformation of this Facility’s Hard Floor After It Was Cleaned


We’ve all heard it before: “Never say never.” This phrase especially rang true for one building. After this client contacted City Wide about their floor dilemma, our professional team stepped in and came to the rescue. Check out the before and after photos below. What looked like a hopeless situation was brought back to life…

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Has This Ever Happened to You in a Public Restroom?

Janitorial Supplies Toilet Paper Problem

Sitcoms often have relatable scenes for all of us. One episode in particular on the popular comedy show Seinfeld was one of those scenes. Elaine finds herself in a public restroom stall with empty toilet paper rolls. After it’s too late to move to another stall, she begs her neighbor for some spare squares. But…

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