You Can Disinfect Surfaces, But Are Germs Still Hiding in Your Facility?

Electrostatic Disinfectant Treatment Disinfect Surfaces Germs

Many of you may believe that you can disinfect surfaces throughout a facility with wipes or a spray, but what about the areas in your facility that you can’t see such as behind the breakroom refrigerator or the underside of a desk? How can you ensure all germs and bacteria are being killed at the…

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Why It’s Crucial to Have a Workplace Wellness Plan All Year Round

Workplace Wellness Plan to

If you’re a facility owner or a building manager, you may enjoy the warmer months when viruses seem to be at an all-time low. So, if you begin to hear an increase of sniffling, sneezing, or coughing in the office, the last thing on your mind is the common cold, right? Although most people will…

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Does Cold Weather Make People Sick at Your Facility?

Cold Weather Make People Sick

We’ve all heard it before: “You’re going to catch a cold out there!” Many of you grew up with this phrase and were often instructed to put on a hat, zip up your coat all the way, and even wrap a scarf around your neck and mouth to prevent getting sick. It’s no wonder it…

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Lenexa’s City Wide Maintenance Expands Outside the U.S.

Lenexa-based City Wide Maintenance is continuing its push for growth with an expansion to Canada. Its franchisor, City Wide Franchise, signed an agreement to open the building maintenance company’s first Canadian location in Ontario — the country’s most populous province. City Wide started franchising in 2001, and last year, franchisee profits grew 61 percent, City Wide President Jeff…

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Why a National Dialysis Clinic Decided to Reunite with City Wide

Cleaning Services Dialysis Clinic Center Davita

City Wide’s story began in 1961, yet as our story continues to develop, we often get the rich experience of watching how our team changes another company’s story for the better. DaVita, a kidney disease care and dialysis company, is one of them. Our relationship with this national healthcare company began in 2008. But in…

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City Wide Franchise Expanding Into Canada

City Wide Franchise, the franchisor of the nation’s premier management company in the building maintenance industry, today announced it has signed an agreement to open its first location in Canada. The new location will serve the Southwestern Ontario community in Canada’s most populous province. This new Ontario location marks the start of an initiative set…

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The Surprising Ways LEDs Can Impact Your Facility

Commercial Lighting Services LED Installment

There are many reasons a building owner or facility manager may start reevaluating the type of lighting being used – though it most commonly comes down to cost. And while that’s a fair reason to make the switch, there are other beneficial reasons Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting should be the way to go. When…

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Why Hiring a Commercial Snow Service Implies More Than You Think

Commercial Snow Services Buildings

The snow season can bring on a lot of stress for building owners and facility managers. You may choose to hire a professional commercial snow service for many reasons: They are trained, efficient, have the right equipment, and know more about the types of chemicals that work best to protect your tenants or employees. For…

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Does Your Facility Need a Pre-Season Assessment Before Winter?

Commercial Snow Services Removal

Your winter coat may be put away, but it’s not too early to start thinking about the upcoming snow season—especially since most snow removal companies are usually booked by early September. Yet there’s another crucial reason to get your facility on the books early, and that is to have a pre-season assessment done before the…

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Are These Things in Your Building Causing People Frustration?

handyman services commercial frustrations

As a building owner or facility manager, it’s most likely a goal of yours to keep it in the best condition possible. But are there things you imagine your tenants may be wanting you to fix, even if they haven’t complained about it? Oftentimes, these things could easily be addressed by hiring a handyman. READ:…

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