Background Screenings: How Safe is Your Facility These Days?

Background Screenings Employees Facility Safety

If you turn on the news, it’s not uncommon to hear about a former employee causing trouble at their workplace. In fact, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are roughly two million people annually who experience a type of violence (physical, harassment, intimidation, or other disturbing behavior) at their workplace. Even…

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The Secret Reasons Facilities Use Trees For Landscaping

Landscaping Trees Lawn Services

Unless you live in a big city, you’ve probably noticed many facilities go to great lengths with their exterior efforts—such as landscaping trees. We may think it’s only for aesthetic appeal. After all, who doesn’t like the splash of color it adds to a facility? But there are more surprising reasons facility owners choose to…

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Is Your Landscaping Company Making These Mistakes?

Landscaping Companies Ideas Improvement

When was the last time you noticed the landscaping in front of your facility? Have you never noticed it because it’s almost non-existent? Or do you consistently notice it because it’s an eyesore? While building owners and property managers often have a good idea of what the inside of the building needs to look like—like…

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Why Are Parking Lots Different in Size and Design?

Parking Lots Maintenance Services Size

Have you ever wondered why parking lots are larger than buildings themselves? Who makes the decision to build large parking areas for places like malls, colleges, or even one store? It turns out, there are all kinds of things each type of facility must think about during the property development process. For example, colleges might…

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Top 7 Areas Office Janitorial Crews Might Forget to Clean

Forget To Clean Office Janitorial

Can you imagine what the cleaning process looks like in your office on a daily basis? Do you see the team vacuuming, wiping glass doors, emptying the trash, and dusting? Is there anything more to it? Do you ever wonder if there are places they forget to clean? You might be surprised to learn what…

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Perks of Hiring Professional Janitorial Services at Your School

Professional Janitorial Services School

Does your in-house janitorial staff have a laundry list of things to do every week? And is that list sometimes getting out of hand—compromising the health and safety of the facility? Or does your janitorial staff struggle handling certain tasks based on inexperience? Is cleanliness around your facility defined by just a visual inspection? The…

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Are Restroom Hand Dryers or Paper Towels More Sanitary?

Restroom Hand Dryers Paper Towels Sanitary

Building managers may choose to install restroom hand dryers to save on paper costs. But looking at it on a health perspective, do paper towels or hand dryers create more bacteria? While hand dryers may be the more energy efficient route these days, some studies have discovered downsides to these machines vs. using paper towels…

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Hand Sanitizer vs. Soap: Does One Protect Your Facility More Than The Other?

Hand Sanitizer Vs Soap Supply Management

There’s been a long-standing debate over the years about how effective hand sanitizer is vs. the soap and water method—especially during cold and flu season. But what about other bacteria such as E.coli? While many facilities are taking precaution these days by getting electrostatic disinfectant treatments done regularly, facilities that don’t have this service done…

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The One Paper Towel Trick All Business Owners Wish People Knew

Paper Towel Usage Janitorial Supplies

Have you ever noticed what kind of paper towel dispensers are in the public restrooms you use? Some may be in stacks on the counter, some dispensed manually, and others are even dispensed by a hand motion. If you haven’t ever paid much attention to the dispensers before, it’s not likely you’ve taken note of…

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Would You Believe These Celebrities Were Janitors at One Point In Life?

Celebrities First Jobs Janitors

How many of you remember your very first job? It might seem like light years ago, but we all started somewhere in order to start earning some cash. Perhaps some of our journeys started out one way, and ended up in a completely different field later in life. Believe it or not, the drastic switch…

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