Re-evaluating Landscaping

services you should be focused on a few thingsEach year, we hear from a lot of companies looking to expand the services they receive in terms of lawn and landscaping. This is possibly the quickest and easiest way to make a difference in the appearance of your property, and when evaluating these services you should be focused on a few things.

Choosing the right company to provide your service is the first big step in optimizing your lawn and landscaping. However, this isn’t always an easy thing to accomplish. As with many building maintenance services, it can be hard to know exactly how well a crew will perform until they are already hired and under contract. This is where City Wide comes in. We do the research for you and only use trusted companies to perform the work, so you can enjoy the results with none of the worry.

By taking a few specific steps during the initial bidding process, City Wide immediately provides your business with the service it’s looking for.

  1. The Estimate – An estimate should be free and done in-person after physically evaluating the property. This will help you not only understand how expensive the service will be, but will give you an idea of our knowledge and experience. By recognizing specific challenges for your landscaping and offering suitable solutions, City Wide helps you make positive changes that will make a big difference.
  2. Work on a Budget – Being in your price range is important and can often be a deal breaker, but in many cases a quality lawn care company will not want to undersell their services. By going with a company who offers a lower price, you run the risk of lower quality. The less money you pay a landscaper, the less likely it will be that their quality of work will remain high. City Wide has a standard pricing model that guarantees quality service.
  3. Ensure Insurance – Always require that your building maintenance companies are insured. This is especially important in landscaping services, because much of the necessary equipment can be dangerous for the workers and property they are working on. City Wide only works with those who are properly insured.

City Wide fits these criteria consistently and can offer year-round lawn and landscaping services that meet your needs. Contact us today to get an estimate for all your exterior maintenance needs.