Perks of Hiring Professional Janitorial Services at Your School

Professional Janitorial Services School

Does your in-house janitorial staff have a laundry list of things to do every week? And is that list sometimes getting out of hand—compromising the health and safety of the facility? Or does your janitorial staff struggle handling certain tasks based on inexperience? Is cleanliness around your facility defined by just a visual inspection?

The trouble is, when your janitorial staff falls behind schedule of doing the regular cleaning, all kinds of problems can start happening for teachers and students.

So the question is, what are the benefits of hiring professional janitorial services for your school?

Learning stays on track. When classrooms, hallways, and other surfaces aren’t properly and consistently cleaned, the facility becomes a breeding ground for viruses, making kids miss school days. Even worse, a Harvard study proved when classes have a high number of absences during a year, it has dramatic effects on the students’ learning that year.

Clean classrooms help students stay focused. It’s been proven properly cleaned classrooms have more effects on students than just staying healthy throughout the year. When a classroom is tidy and organized, the effects seems to rub off on students even at home, helping them mirror the clean behavior in their bedrooms and motivating them to do their homework.

More funds available for educational resources. During ISSA’s research on school cleanliness, they found that teacher absences in the United States costs schools a total of $25 billion annually—and another $4 billion to pay for substitutes. If water fountains, cafeteria trays, faucets, computer keyboards, desks, and more aren’t getting the attention they need on a daily basis, schools end up paying a lot of money to cover teacher absentee costs—cutting into the school’s budget that year.

Do you want to make sure your school’s carpets, floors, restrooms, desks, and walls are getting properly cleaned this year?

At City Wide, our professional janitorial services can help cover every corner of your school so that nothing gets overlooked. Contact us today.


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