How Attendees Will Know You Didn’t Hire Professional Cleaners for an Event

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It’s your turn to plan the company’s next big event. Perhaps you already have a vision for it. You know the key speakers you want to hire and maybe you even know the best food to cater for it. But when you find out your budget is smaller than you expected, you may have to cut corners in order to make your original plans work.

The first thing you may sacrifice is hiring a professional cleaning company. However, even though you may believe your attendees won’t notice you hired an average-joe cleaning crew, it might be surprising to know what will give you away during your event.

Here are some indicators your attendees may notice:

The third-party cleaning company isn’t using proper techniques or sanitary methods: At some point in our lives, we’ve all been at a food establishment and seen someone in the kitchen who isn’t wearing sanitary gloves or a hairnet. Did it affect your experience at that establishment? Of course! The same goes when your attendee sees the same crew taking out the trash and then going to handle food or refill beverages at the event.

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The schedule is running behind because you’re putting out small fires: You may have worked really hard to put a perfect schedule in place for the big event, but you’re having trouble keeping everything moving because problems keep arising, such as the restrooms being out of toilet paper or some glass being broken in a high-traffic area.

You look exhausted because you’re trying to control everything: You’ve been so stressed out about making sure all your ducks are in a row for the event that you’re going on little-to-no sleep – and it’s showing. You didn’t hear all week from the average-joe cleaning company you hired, so you woke up in the middle of the night, worried they aren’t going to show up to do the pre-cleaning and setup. By the time the event rolls around, your tired eyes will show the stress because you had to arrive early to verify they showed up.

While it might seem like a good idea to hire a basic cleaning company to cover you at your event, the decision could ultimately cause you more stress based on their inexperience and unprofessionalism. Perhaps even more stressful – attempting to cut costs further and do it all yourself!

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City Wide doesn’t hire temporary labor for your events. Our independent contractors are some of the best professionals in the industry who know how to clean, when to clean, and how often to clean at an event.

Our event services can include pre-event cleaning, during-event cleaning, post-event cleanup, restroom attendants, trash removal, labor force, auto-scrubbing the floors after the event, and even pressure washing or sweeping the parking lot.

Contact your local City Wide today to learn more about our 20+ services. We have locations in both the United States and Canada.