Pressure Washing – The Problem with Pressure

Pressure Washing can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of a wide range of surfaces. This makes it an appealing service for businesses looking to quickly improve the curb appeal of their buildings, parking areas, patios, and walkways. There is a problem though. If the crew doing the pressure washing isn’t experienced or doesn’t have the necessary technical knowledge, they can damage your property.

This service consists of spraying a highly-pressurized solution in order to remove buildup, loose paint, rust, and general grime from surfaces. The troublesome part of this is the highly-pressurized solution. The solution is generally just water, but can also be heated or mixed with detergents or other chemicals to aid in the removal of unwanted grunge. This can be a problem if the crew does not spot test the solution before spraying to ensure that the surface material is not adversely affected by the chemicals.

But even if the solution is just water, the spray can severely damage surfaces. If the crew is not careful with the strength of the pressure being used, materials such as wood, vinyl, and even brick can deteriorate quickly. This not only damages outward appearance, but with weathering and erosion can lead to structural issues and a much larger repair project.

Some commercial and industrial pressure wash sprayers have adjustable pressure and this can be extremely helpful, but with others, the need for expertise is essential. One easy way to adjust for this pressure is to increase the distance between the nozzle and the surface being sprayed. This will decrease the pressure being applied to the surface itself and minimize the risk of damages. The difficult part of this equation is knowing how far the nozzle needs to be to get a proper strength spray without doing damage.

By hiring an experienced and knowledgeable crew to perform your pressure washing services you can ensure a safe and effective restoration service for your property. Contact City Wide today to find out more about our Pressure Washing services and how they can turn your dingy exterior into a point of pride.