Pre-Scheduling Your Handyman Services

Day to day wear and tear of a buildingDay to day wear and tear of a building can be a menace to facility operations. Worn out door hinges, broken bathroom faucets, and sagging ceiling tiles are not only eye sores, they create an uncomfortable, and even unsafe, work environment for both employees and visitors. But they are to be expected.

Things break. It just happens in a building full of people.

Standard maintenance procedures to fix problems like these are often reactive though, relying on employee complaints before repairs even begin. This can be an inefficient process that decreases worker happiness and productivity. A proactive approach to building maintenance can be the answer.

By pre-scheduling a quarterly Handyman Services visit with City Wide, that leaky faucet will be plumbed, that saggy ceiling tile replaced, and that door hinge repaired long before they become an operational or safety concern. You can ensure facility malfunctions are fixed regularly instead of waiting for them to become problematic for your building’s inhabitants.

These scheduled services still allow for more urgent issues to be remedied as they arise, but often this becomes less of a problem with regular maintenance. Loose screws get tightened before they fall out, batteries get replaced before they die, and cracks get filled before they spread. Contact City Wide today to add regularly schedule Handyman Services to your Building Maintenance Plan.