Planning Snow and Ice Removal

Each year, thousands of driversEach year, thousands of drivers discover the dangers of unsafe road conditions. Potholes, cracks, and fractures in pavement are not only hard on a vehicle’s suspension, they can cause unfortunate auto accidents. After several bouts of ice and snow, even your business’s parking lot will have damaged pavement.

By planning your snow and ice removal services before the seasons begin to turn, you can be prepared for the weather while giving yourself enough time to find the right company for the job. Not only will you likely discover it difficult to find someone for the job if you wait until winter or when the forecast calls for snow, but waiting too long can also mean higher prices and lower quality of work.

This kind of regular maintenance will save you money in costly repairs as well. When a parking lot is cleared of ice and snow, a lot of the stress that expanding and contracting ice can place on the small cracks in the pavement can be greatly reduced. By laying down ice melt before the storms hit and responding immediately afterwards with a snow removal program, you will be preventing layers of winter from establishing themselves in the crevices. This means that snow will not become compacted under the weight of moving vehicles, and ice will not have time to crumble the asphalt into large potholes.

Surface fractures of this nature can be avoided; however, not everyone is fortunate enough to have perfectly planed pavement. If you have preexisting damage to your parking lot, taking care of it during the warm months will prevent worsening of the problems. When establishing your plan, contact City Wide for guidance on all the services that make up parking lot maintenance and repair. For example, Line Striping and Lighting Maintenance are beneficial minor services that can increase driver awareness, while Pavement Resurfacing and Spot Patching can prevent potholes from forming during the winter.

City Wide can manage all the snow and ice removal services you could desire, and works tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction. By contacting your local City Wide office today you can be sure you are getting the best quote at the proper time of year.