Parking lots need ongoing maintenance. City Wide has every corner covered.

The concrete and asphalt areas outside your buildings are one of your largest ongoing investments. And they’re constantly under assault. Every day sun, weather, temperature, traffic and even chemicals work to break down these surfaces, causing cracks and depressions and fading markings.

As winter weather turns into spring, slight cracks you noticed months before may have widened into dangerous potholes that can be an inconvenience and a liability.

Planning ahead is the key.

Repairs to concrete and asphalt surfaces can be pricey, but the best way to manage that cost is to think long-term. That’s where City Wide comes in. We will begin with a survey your parking lots and exterior concrete structures like curbs and drains, and create a long-term care plan that maximizes appearance and minimizes cost.

City Wide makes the plan for you.

Your plan will address particular pain points first, such as cracks, potholes, depressions and faded striping. We will recommend repairing any problems by filling, patching, or replacing surfaces as needed, refreshing faded striping, and repairing crumbled curbs and fixtures.

City Wide recommends regular sweeping, striping and sealing services to extend the life of your investment. How often depends on your climate and your traffic level.

The best part is, City Wide manages all of these services for you. We make the plan, find the service providers and make sure the work is completed to your satisfaction.