Parking Lot Maintenance Tips

you to avoid major repairs and replacementsProperly maintaining your commercial parking lot will help you to avoid major repairs and replacements, which can be costly. Here are some things to consider when inspecting your parking lot this season:

  • Walk the parking lot with your maintenance expert, such as your City Wide Facility Services Manager, to look for cracks and potholes that have grown over the winter.
  • Ensure that nearby irrigation systems are properly maintained. A sprinkler head that is broken can drain water under the asphalt, which wears it down. Natural water sources can also cause damage if not re-directed away from the lot.
  • Confirm if parking lot lines, especially crosswalks and handicap spaces, are easily visible to avoid potential damages to employees and their vehicles.
  • Keep curbs painted for safety vehicles and No Parking areas. Painted curbs also increase visibility, which can keep highly trafficked areas from damage due to curb checks.

A regular parking lot maintenance plan with City Wide, which may include regular sweeping, striping, and filling in pot holes, will save on big dollar repairs that can impact your parking lot on many levels. Once the maintenance on potential dangers and maintenance hassles is complete, consider new striping for your lot or a good power washing. These can do wonders to increase the aesthetics in your parking lot!