The One Paper Towel Trick All Business Owners Wish People Knew

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Have you ever noticed what kind of paper towel dispensers are in the public restrooms you use? Some may be in stacks on the counter, some dispensed manually, and others are even dispensed by a hand motion.

If you haven’t ever paid much attention to the dispensers before, it’s not likely you’ve taken note of your paper towel usage to dry your hands. And if you’re a facility manager, it’s difficult to guess how much you should be ordering for the bathrooms each month, right?

The truth is, most people’s paper towel usage to dry their hands is high. In fact, stats show the United States burns through 13 billion pounds of paper towels a year—and the number keeps growing! That averages out to about 80 rolls per person, per year.

Some companies have worked to halt the paper towel usage waste by installing the hand-motion paper towel dispensers—to more carefully keep their paper supply in check in their restrooms—but are those still adding to the growing waste number?

A popular Ted Talk video began circulating in 2012, where a man named Joe Smith discovered a secret about drying your hands with paper towels. Watch what he reveals in the video below.

As a facility manager, it’d be great if everyone who used your building’s restrooms could follow Smith’s method. It would sure make supply management easier, right?

However, if you’ve been struggling to keep up with your supplies—for example, ordering too much one month, and not enough the next month, or never being able to stay within your budget for supplies—we can help.

By letting City Wide take care of your supply management, running out of paper towels or other supplies will never be a concern again. Our competitive prices and expertise will save your company money and make decisions that much easier for you. We want to help reduce the amount of time and energy you might be wasting on supply management by taking this responsibility off your plate.

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