Thinking About Painting Your Building? Don’t Skip This Step

Painting Building Pressure Washing

Spring time is finally here, and perhaps you’ve been thinking about painting your building. But before you schedule the work to be done, it’s important to do one very important step before you begin: pressure washing.

While it’s tempting to want to get the job done as fast as possible, pressure washing is a key to making sure your newest paint job stays looking fresh and clean as long as possible. Not only does pressure washing help remove debris before painting your building, but it’s also a way to remove old paint that’s created a chalky residue over the years. Let’s say you attempt to paint over this residue without pressure washing first. Unfortunately, the new paint will have an incredibly difficult time sticking, and could result in peeling off easily soon after the job is done. Many people may choose to have pressure washing done before painting their house, but it’s also just as important for commercial facilities to take the same step.

Need help getting a pressure washing service scheduled before painting your building? Contact City Wide today to learn more about the benefits of pressure washing—not only before painting—but for also making this part of your building’s normal maintenance program.


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