One Less Headache

While you’re in your break room to pour yourself some coffee, you open the cupboard to grab a cup and *sigh.* Shoot. You’re on your last batch of disposable coffee cups! Another thing that slipped your mind this week. With your head down, you walk back to your desk to put through an order. As you’re ordering, you have a sudden moment of realization… this wouldn’t have happened if someone managed your supplies. This is exactly what your City Wide Facility Services Manager mentioned helping you with last week! You pick up the phone to call them, and think to yourself… This is why I love City Wide: 20+ solutions and only one point of contact!

Peace of Mind
At City Wide, we like to give you peace of mind when it comes to your supplies, so you don’t have to worry about whether you remembered to reorder. Our best practice is to stock on a par-level system . Do you always like to have 10 bags of cups on hand? Let your Facility Services Manager know that, so they can set a standard for your account and manage to that standard.

Our Vendor Relationships
We have national agreements in place with distributors and manufacturers to set you up with the right supply solutions to always hit your targets. We have developed relationships with well-known vendors that offer products and equipment to make your business run more efficiently. The effort City Wide puts into building and maintaining these relationships translates into a decreased cost of operations and increased business as we pass these savings to our clients.
Being able to negotiate the cost savings on products from manufacturers means a lower bottom line price. This translates to company supply budgets becoming less of an obstacle and more of an opportunity.

Stay Relevant
Saving money for our clients on items such as coffee cups isn’t the only benefit to national vendor relationships. By building these partnerships we can get the most up to date equipment and products, which are then utilized in your facility. Contact your local City Wide to find out how you can be on the receiving end of these benefits.