Do Your Employees’ Spirits Seem Down? Here’s Why Your Office Lighting Could Be the Problem

Several years ago

Several years ago, I worked in an office without any windows near my department. I hadn’t consciously noticed it until a colleague pointed it out. “The office lighting is so harsh in here,” they said. Adding, they’d feel much better if they could at least get some natural light during the day.

After that conversation, I began noticing similar behavior that my colleague mentioned happening around the office. People’s steps dragging in the hallways; excessive yawning; frequent trips to the coffee machine; inattentiveness at meetings; even worse, bad moods. Does this sound familiar?

It might, because according to a study by the American Society of Interior Designers, an overwhelming 68% of employees across the country gave a thumbs down about their office lighting.

I’d never put two-and-two together about what was going on there, until I started thinking more about it—outside of work. For example, I wondered why I was so tired even at my apartment. At the time, the position of my unit didn’t offer a lot of solution for natural light, especially since my windows faced another apartment complex’s brick wall. What could I do to fix it? To feel more energized? More awake? What I found for my apartment was the same answer to what was really needed at my office at the time. The office lighting was affecting our productivity.

Since I couldn’t do much about the window light in my apartment—like many businesses can’t in their own buildings—I decided to see what light bulb options would best mirror a more naturally lit environment.

Watch the video below to find out some interesting facts about why changing something as simple as light bulbs could drastically improve your and your employee’s overall health, culture, and moods.

Looking for more lighting solutions to boost morale and productivity around your office? City Wide will make this easy on you. Let us know what pains you’re currently facing at your commercial building, and we’ll provide advice on new lighting technologies, replacing or upgrading fixtures, and more.


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