3 Ways to Tell if Your Janitorial Staff is Doing a Poor Job

Office Cleaning Complaints Janitorial Problems

At 5:00 p.m., most of us are packing up for the day and preparing to leave the office. Your mind might be filled with things such as what you’re going to have for dinner, what time your kid’s soccer practice begins, or if you can possibly go one more night without throwing in a load of laundry. The last thing you want to think about is what’s going on in your building after everyone leaves—such as what the janitorial crew is cleaning vs. what they promised they’d clean.

Unless a major event or celebration took place at your facility—or if there seems to be consistent and common office cleaning complaints from your employees—it can be extremely difficult to prove the janitorial crew isn’t dusting nor vacuuming every day. In fact, we’ve heard clients speculate that prior to partnering with City Wide, they’ve wondered how often their crew was pulling the “trash and dash” routine (i.e. only taking out the trash—and nothing more—to make it appear like someone cleaned their space overnight).

So what are some key signs your janitorial crew is skipping out on their services? Here are some office cleaning complaints we’ve heard from clients before meeting City Wide:

  1. Every time you’ve walked into the conference room this week, you’ve noticed the same paperclip in the corner of the room. It appears the floors aren’t getting cleaned every night.
  2. The smell of that fried food you had for lunch a few days ago keeps lingering in at your desk. Finally, you figure out it’s coming from your trash can underneath your desk. In fact, you can see some liquid at the bottom of your trash bag, which tells you it got dumped, but the liner hasn’t been changed in days.
  3. It’s a beautiful day to invite other business partners to your office space. But that bright sunlight shining through your windows is highlighting something not-so-beautiful—a thick layer of dust floating around.

Not the first time you’ve noticed these problems? Have you been thinking about outsourcing your janitorial services needs so you no longer have to deal with the office cleaning complaints?

Let us walk you through our simple business model today.


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Office Cleaning Complaints Janitorial Problems