Nine Ways City Wide Commits to Wellness

City Wide’s commitment to keepingDid you know? City Wide’s commitment to keeping your building pristine can also help you and the staff in your building avoid sick days.

Here are nine ways City Wide can help you have a healthy building:

  1. A City Wide Flu Season Action Plan will cover accelerated cleaning schedules and responsive treatments, such as disinfection and steam cleaning of sensitive areas.
  2. Proper Supply Management will ensure employees have hand soap, antibacterial hand sanitizer, and tissue when needed, and that their personal trash cans are emptied regularly to reduce the spread of infection.
  3. Carpets cleaned regularly are less likely to spread dust mites and other allergens, including mold. Matting Programs can also reduce these allergens and ADA-compliant mats will mitigate the risk of slips and falls. Air Quality services can also be a critical part of reducing allergens.
  4. Clean, well-striped Parking Lots without pot holes and with proper painting on the curbs and crosswalks are safer for everyone – especially when bad weather hits. Prompt Snow and Ice Removal and other preventative measures will help deter both fender benders and slips and falls in your parking lot.
  5. Well maintained Lawn and Landscape care, including clear sidewalks, promote healthy living and well-being by giving your employees somewhere to take a healthy walking break.
  6. Green Cleaning programs, such as Performance Plus, will reduce the amount of chemicals in your building, while staying within your budget and not risking the cleanliness of your building.
  7. Well-Lit Areas boost morale for happier employees – and reduce safety concerns in the parking lot for employees working late.
  8. Steam Cleaning will remove bacteria and dirt in grout and will sanitize high-traffic areas such as bathrooms and lobbies.
  9. At City Wide, we are properly insured and carry up-to-date Workers’ Compensation to take the “safety stress” off your shoulders.

Find a City Wide near you at to request a no-obligation quote on any of these wellness services!