Need to Sanitize Sensitive Equipment and Electronics? City Wide Maintenance Now Offers Electrostatic Disinfectant Services

By Brianna Crandall | To view the original article on FM Link click here.

City Wide Maintenance, a nationwide building management company, just announced its new electrostatic disinfectant treatment, featuring an advanced sprayer system designed to support disinfection, mold remediation and odor elimination — as well as to help combat the flu.

The high-powered electrostatic disinfectant sprayer douses a negatively charged solution safe for sensitive surface types (including equipment and electronics) — which ultimately crawls into hard-to-reach corners, crevices and backsides often missed during a general cleaning. Covering 10,000 square feet per hour, the innovative sprayer is designed to quickly eradicate germs, viruses and bacteria, and to prevent mold and mildew from growing on surfaces.

Rob Ellis, vice president of City Wide Maintenance of Kansas City, pointed out:

Disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces can be challenging, especially in office buildings and commercial spaces. For places with valuable equipment, a variety of surface materials, or a high probability of contamination, the electrostatic sprayer may be the perfect option. Plus, with flu season at its peak, we’re implementing this strategy as a way to stop germs from spreading and help prevent outbreak.

Kansas City-based City Wide Maintenance has made a name for itself in major US cities by streamlining commercial facilities and maintenance management of more than 20 interior and exterior services, including janitorial, pest control, handyman services, parking lot maintenance, mold remediation, and security and access control. As a single-source solution, City Wide delivers the gamut of building maintenance services through in-house technicians and a network of independent contractors and vendor partners, easing the time, stress, and resources typically required to oversee an entire facility.