new technology is helping City Wide provide building maintenance

This new technology is helping City Wide provide building maintenance solutions more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Featured at the 2014 Microsoft Convention for its synergy with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our new Facilities Remote Entry Device (FRED) is a proprietary iPad application that is transforming the way we serve our clients.

Through the mobile app, we have the ability to address issues before they become a problem, to continue providing our clients with the best-in-class services that they have come to expect.

The apps features have enhanced the following:FRED tracks overall customer satisfaction

Quality Control Reporting: FRED tracks overall customer satisfaction and inspection findings over time. By synchronizing with City Wide’s tracking systems, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, FRED gives a 360° view of the client’s history with City Wide, from the first phone call to the most recent supply order. These reports allow the FSM to review client ratings and job quality on demand to address issues immediately.

Communication: Through the automatic electronic transfer of information, clients can communicate with City Wide staff in real time, allowing for a seamless flow of information from the customer to the FSM. Escalating workflows ensure quick complaint resolution and reduce the chances of recurring mistakes.

Inspections: The FSM creates an inspection report after each walk-through, creating an electronic history that is used to ensure the quick resolution of deficiencies. The FSM tracks these reports over time to identify trends, and constantly improve processes to better serve clients.

Supply Orders: The app guarantees orders are placed and sent to vendors when requested, even if the FSM is away from a computer. This feature ensures on-time delivery and a reduction of inventory to decrease delays and inaccuracies.

Extra Services: The app allows the FSM to schedule services immediately, preventing clients from spending their own time making the arrangements. The feature results in reduced billing, less paperwork, and fewer scheduling conflicts.

History: With a quick review of the account history, all questions can be answered in the field, allowing City Wide to save clients valuable time and resources. The computer generated schedule tracks all contractual obligations.

FRED is one of the many ways we continue to innovate our services and support to provide clients with best in building maintenance management. To learn more about our services and support, visit: