Matting Services Protects Floors and People

Probably the most obvious reason to maintain the floor mats in your building’s entryways is to prevent slips and falls. The people walking in and out of your building depend on those mats for their safety, whether they realize it or not. When it is either wet or snowy outside, the chances that a person can slip and fall in your building increase, which means that now is the perfect time to take a look at the matting in your facility.

City Wide recommends both an outdoor mat and an indoor mat at the entrances. A rubber “Scraper Mat” just outside the doorway can help remove large amounts of dirt and debris from shoes, and the inside mat helps protect the interior of the building by absorbing excess moisture and additional soils. The Carpet and Rug Institute suggests that mats be six to 15 feet in length, which covers approximately five to six steps upon entry into the building. This will be especially important during the winter months as snow and ice can cling to footwear past the first few feet inside the donor.

The best reason to review your matting procedures in the fall is to make sure they are being maintained properly. If the mats are not being cleaned regularly they will not be effective, and the easiest way to ensure they are cleaned properly is to hire a company with the experience cleaning buildings just like yours.

City Wide understands your facility’s needs and provides a single point of contact that can help you develop the right program for your building. It’s not worth the risk to your employees or your business to leave matting services out of your service plan, so contact us today to take advantage of our knowledge and experience managing building maintenance solutions.