Looking Ahead to Spring Services

You may not expect it, but grey winter days are the perfect time to think about spring. By booking early, you can get optimal scheduling and save time.

So think ahead: will your building need extra attention when the weather warms up? Here are some services to book now, before the rush!Image of city wide spring services

Here are some of the most popular springtime services:

Interior Services

Floor finishes can be damaged more quickly during wet conditions and heavier soil loads of winter months. Prevent most of this damage with adequate matting programs or schedule deep cleaning for your carpet and hard floor care in the new year.

Pre-scheduling strip and wax, refinishing and carpet cleaning, and setting up an annual matting program now will save hassle as the year progresses.

Stock up on adequate supplies, such as caution ‘wet floor’ signs, wet bags for umbrellas, and adequate chemicals to remove salt and calcium chloride from your flooring before it gets in to scratches and causes floor damage.

Don’t forget about basic spring cleaning. Welcome warmer weather with newly washed windows, and think about high dusting and detail cleaning.

Exterior Services

Now is the time to sweep winter sand from your parking lots, or plan re-striping once the snow melts. If you noted parking lot damage last fall, now is the time to schedule repairs.

Early spring is a common time for bi-yearly window washing also–outside and inside your building. Have us check the caulking and look for needed repairs.

And don’t forget about concrete surfaces. Power-washing entryways, decks and exterior walls can make your building look like new!

City Wide can also manage your lawn and landscape needs, from brush trimming to weed control to mowing and mulching.

How can City Wide save you time? Get ahead of the rush, and schedule spring services now!