LED: The New Kid on the Block

Computer processors are so smallIn many ways, the last 40 years have been characterized by advances in consumer technology. Computer processors are so small they can barely be seen, there are electric cars that can parallel park themselves, and everything has a touch screen. For some reason though, this extreme technological growth doesn’t seem to have made its impression on the lighting industry ̶ until recently.

The use of incandescent lamps (a glass bulb with an interior filament that glows with electricity) has been the standard in commercial and residential lighting since the age of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. Other technologies, like fluorescent bulbs, have provided an alternative to the extremely hot and relatively inefficient incandescent bulb, but the quality of light was never quite as good.

LED, or Light Emitting Diode, bulbs have recently become the lamp of choice when searching for a cost-effective light source in commercial and residential buildings alike. They produce less heat, use less energy, and brighten a room with a wide spectrum of light that can even make colors appear richer and more accurate to the human eye. The color temperature of the light produced by these bulbs can be honed to a specific range; meaning, you can get LED bulbs which not only produce light that mimics the sun’s color spectrum, but also warmer light such as that produced by candles or almost any other color you can imagine.

In terms of building maintenance, LED lighting can be an amazing choice. Switching over your lighting systems to these bulbs can save you a lot of money on electricity and maintenance costs for several reasons. The bulbs need very little power and last a long time so you won’t be paying for replacements as often. In many cases these bulbs can even work in your existing lighting fixtures, though the wiring and ballasts may need to be modified by a professional to do so.

That is where City Wide comes in. Many of our locations nationwide manage the retrofitting of buildings with the newest technology in lighting, and our Facility Services Managers can not only identify the best options for your building, they can offer you prices on the installation, materials, and maintenance costs that work with your budget. This is because of our relationships with vendors and manufacturers within the lighting industry and our knowledge of national and local government rebate programs. These programs are very dependent on the area your business operates in, but can result in significant discounts.

Call your local City Wide office to contact a professional who can show you the savings and benefits you will enjoy with LED Lighting in your building.