Would You Find Any of These Things in Your Janitor’s Closet?

Janitors Closet Organize Mess

As a property manager or building owner, has it ever crossed your mind to peek inside the janitor’s closet? What you might find could surprise you. In fact, the way your janitor’s closet is kept is a strong reflection of how well your building is getting cleaned.

Go ahead and take a look. What do you see?

Does the equipment look beat up? If you see tools falling apart or a sweeper that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in weeks, it’s time to worry about your facility’s janitorial services. Plus, it also means your cleaning crew will be forking out some money sooner or later to replace any damaged tools or machinery.

Was the trash taken out yesterday? Don’t be surprised if you find the garbage can on wheels inside the closet to be half full with yesterday’s trash. While the janitorial team may be trying to save on supplies by not tossing a half-full bag of trash, the reality is it’s not sanitary to keep it locked up in the janitor’s closet overnight.

What does it smell like in the janitor’s closet? Some people choose to let their “office space” get a little dirty, but the truth is, someone’s work area should always be just as clean as any other part of the facility. Take a deep breath and see if you notice it having a fresh smell. The area that houses your cleaning equipment and supplies should not have a foul odor – if it does, then there’s a chance something foul is being transferred outside of the janitor’s closet when the crew is“cleaning.”

Are products or chemicals scattered allover the room? This isn’t only a safety hazard, but it also presents disorganization and slow cleaning routines. The longer the crew has to look for a product to refill, the longer it’ll take to clean your building that day. Plus, when products are well organized on shelves, it also helps the janitorial team in giving an accurate assessment of what products they’re low on for inventory purposes.

Here at City Wide, we train each of our janitors to not only take pride in their work servicing your facilities, but also to keep the janitor’s closet in tip-top shape. Contact one of our 50+ City Wide locations for more information.


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