Has This Ever Happened to You in a Public Restroom?

Sitcoms often have relatable scenes for all of us. One episode in particular on the popular comedy show Seinfeld was one of those scenes. Elaine finds herself in a public restroom stall with empty toilet paper rolls. After it’s too late to move to another stall, she begs her neighbor for some spare squares. But is her neighbor’s stall running low on janitorial supplies too? Watch the short scene below.

Many of us have been put in this position before, where we stop to use the public restroom and many of the toilet paper rolls are empty—or other janitorial supplies, like paper towels or soap.

“Toilet paper is the most important consumable to keep at a high level of stock,” said Alan Rose, a Facility Services Manager for City Wide—the largest maintenance company in the industry, which facilitates janitorial and more than 20 additional maintenance services.

“I always recommend my clients invest in a double-roll toilet paper dispenser, or greater—even in low-use environments,” added Rose.
Rose and other Facility Services Managers at City Wide are always thinking about how to keep each facility’s janitorial supplies on a consistent ordering schedule. They like to work with each client to determine if they prefer to bulk order once a month or more frequent small orders if their facility doesn’t have a lot of storage space.

“We’re really intentional about making sure we visit our clients enough to hone in on the supply usage so we’re not over- or under-ordering,” he said.

Have you noticed your building’s restrooms constantly running low on janitorial supplies throughout the day? City Wide can help. Visit our services and locations pages to learn more.


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