How to Know If Your Janitorial Services Are Using the Best Cleaning Methods

Janitorial Services Cleaning Methods

Sweeping. Vacuuming. Dusting. These are some basics we often think about when it comes to janitorial services, but what many building owners and property managers don’t know is, there are better methods of doing these services.

There are a few things to consider when evaluating whether it’s time to hire a professional janitorial company.

To start, have you noticed your cleaning crew still using equipment that’s less efficient these days? For example, many professional janitorial services now use backpack vacuums rather than one made for the home. You might think, “Hey, at least they’re getting the job done one way or another.” But the truth is, it’s hurting your pocketbook. How? Because it takes them longer to complete the task if they’re using the wrong equipment. Which means, you’re paying for that extra labor.

Lastly, has the cold and flu season still been lingering around in your building? It could be from improper cleaning techniques from your janitorial services—such as spraying the tops of desks and doorknobs and calling it good. Methods like this don’t keep viruses like influenza at bay these days. There are much more effective (and faster) ways to disinfect your facility. In fact, check out the most recent technology to combat viruses that City Wide offers in the video below.

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