Have You Run Into This Problem With Your Janitorial Crew?

Problems have a way of arising during your busiest days, don’t they? Since you’re in charge of managing a commercial property—and possibly running a business on top of it—the last thing you may have time for is fixing a problem, dealing with cleaning complaints, or having a conversation with the janitorial crew. Even television show writers know this to be true.

On top of that, there are janitorial crew or vendor related things you may get tired of dealing with. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Lack of training or knowledge about the building safety
  • Certain areas of the building inconsistently cleaned
  • Turnover of janitorial crew is difficult to keep up with
  • You have a tough time getting a hold of the person in charge of the crew

The good news is, City Wide has a solution that will take all these problems and distractions off your daily plate. Our job is to provide you with one point of contact, which means this person will handle issues, represent your needs, manage vendors, and oversee quality control.

Contact one of our 50+ City Wide locations so we can help you save time and solve problems.


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