Improve Workplace Wellness with Flu Prevention

In 1918, physicians discovered that viruses – not we know many different practicesbad spirits – were causing epidemics, such as the flu. Today, we know many different practices – including proper building maintenance – which assist in the prevention of disease.

Use cost-effective soap for hand washing
City Wide can recommend quality foam soap and dispensers that are designed and tested to use less product per pump. Each cartridge lasts 75% longer and is up to $2 less expensive due to City Wide’s national buying power. Additionally, this system is easy to maintain and reduces the probability of cross-contamination against standard dispensers where air replaces the soap space in the container. PLUS, the soap smells great too!

Protect against cross-contamination
Flu virus can survive on hard surfaces for up to eight hours! Without preventative services, daily cleaning only lasts as long as the next touch of a hand. Hand washing, sanitizing, and using tissues can minimize transmission between cleanings.

Increase janitorial services when needed
A little planning can save a lot of frustration when sickness starts to spread. A City Wide Flu Season Action Plan will cover accelerated cleaning schedules and responsive treatments, such as disinfection and steam cleaning of sensitive areas.

Provide flu shots at the office
Flu vaccines are still the top way to protect your company. We recommend holding a flu shot drive each fall, and allowing workers to telecommute or stay home when they are feeling ill. Contact your local pharmacy to ask if they provide seasonal flu vaccination services on site. For more information, check out the CDC’s Flu toolkit for businesses or search for a local flu shot provider at

If you need help preparing your office for the flu season with janitorial supplies, preventative services, waste management, or air quality services, contact City Wide. Our building maintenance experts can recommend strategies that will work with your business and even develop a flu season action plan.