A Communications Plan Can Help Ensure Your Cleaning Service Meets Your Expectations

A Good Communications Plan Ensures Your Cleaning Service Meets Your ExpectationsCan you call up your cleaning company and make a special request for cleaning and know it will get done on time and as expected? If the trash doesn’t get taken out or your cleaning crew forgets to clean the restrooms, can you call your cleaning company to complain and know that action will be taken? Good communications are essential to ensure that your cleaning company is meeting your requirements to your satisfaction. While your cleaning company may say they communicate with their customers, in actuality, you may find, they’re not particularly good at it. Therefore, if you want to stop feeling frustrated with your cleaning service that they’re not meeting your expectations, you need to have a communications plan in place.

Here are some tips for developing a communications plan with your commercial cleaning company, so you know you’re both on the same page when it comes to the quality of service you expect.

Outline Your Cleaning Needs

While most businesses need the same type of janitorial services, such as trash removal, vacuuming or mopping floors, dusting, and break room and restroom cleaning, every business is different with unique needs. Make a list of your specific needs in detail. Do you want every work space dusted every day? Do you expect the blinds to be cleaned regularly? How often do you need special floor care performed? Does your kitchen need a thorough cleaning frequently? Do you want your windows cleaned and how often? A clean office is much more than empty trash cans and vacuumed floors.

While most reputable cleaning companies will offer a variety of services, ensure your cleaning company provides the services you need. Otherwise, you may need to find another contractor. Talk to your cleaning company about your requirements and what your definition of clean means. Once your cleaning company understands your exact wants, they can develop a cleaning plan, quote costs, and create schedule to meet your needs.

Talk about Past Cleaning Problems

If you’ve experienced issues with a cleaning company in the past, share this information with your new cleaning service. This will help ensure that they understand your needs, so they can be met to your satisfaction.

Discuss Any Special Needs

Does your business allow pets in the office which requires added floor and other care? Does your company prefer to use green cleaning supplies? Do you need a sanitary environment to prevent cross-contamination and keep your employees and customers well? Let your cleaning company know about these special needs, so they can ensure they’re fulfilled.

Review Your Contract

Your cleaning company should provide you with a contract outlining every service they will provide, how much each service costs, how often each service will take place, what areas will be cleaned, and what exactly they will do. Regularly, review your contract to make sure your cleaning service is providing what they said they would do. If they’re not, call them and discuss it.

Discuss Your Cleaning Service’s Guarantee

Ask your cleaning company if they offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. Find out what happens if you’re not satisfied with their work? What action steps will they take to remedy the situation? What is the time frame for that remedy? By having a written guarantee in place, you’ll know any potential problems will be taken care of quickly.

Establish a Point of Contact

Determine who you should call to discuss your cleaning needs and if problems should arise. Get their contact information – phone number and email. Most professional cleaning companies should provide you with this information, so you can contact them any time, day or night. Also, find out if can you leave a handwritten note for your cleaning crew with special requests or do you need to call ahead to schedule them.

Speak Up!

Your feedback with your cleaning company is essential. If they’re not performing up to par, tell them. They can’t improve their performance if they don’t know there is an issue.

City Wide of Illinois Strives to Provide Excellent Communication

If your interactions with your cleaning company aren’t as simple and easy as you would like them to be, it may be time to change companies. City Wide of Illinois offers a variety of facility management services, including janitorial cleaning and janitorial supplies, for businesses in Chicagoland and area suburbs.

At City Wide, our team will regularly communicate with you to make sure your needs are being met to your satisfaction. And, we won’t shy away from getting your feedback. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Therefore, if you want to work with a company that values customer communication, contact City Wide of Illinois at 630-457-1120 to learn how we can meet – and exceed – your cleaning needs.

– Eileen of the City Wide of Illinois Blog Team