5 Tips to Keep Your Office Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

Your employees don’t have to wear masks to stay healthy during cold and flu season.Business owners dread the arrival of the cold and flu season. Just one employee who is sick can disrupt the company’s workflow. When that employee comes to work despite their illness, suddenly, their germs are spewed across the entire office. The next thing you know, everyone is sick, leading to a loss of productivity.

Prevention is Key to a Healthy Office

If you don’t want your business is suffer from decreased productivity, you need to act. But what can you do? You can help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses and create a healthier work environment for your employees by having a workplace wellness plan.

Studies have shown workplace wellness initiatives can provide your company with many benefits. They can lower absenteeism and “mental absence” (when a sick employee is on the job physically, but not mentally). Also, these initiatives can improve productivity and reduce work-related injuries. Plus, with fewer sick employees, you’ll have less health insurance claims, which will save you money in health care premiums.

Here are some things you can do to promote workplace wellness and reduce the effects of the cold and flu season in your office:

  1. Promote Annual Flu Shots. Encourage your employees to get a flu shot by hanging a poster in the breakroom or sending an email notice. Remind your employees about any health insurance benefits they may have concerning flu shots. Or, provide your employees with information about local clinics that offer free flu shots.
  2. Encourage Employees to Take Sick Time. You give your employees earned time off for reason. When they’re sick, this is the time for them to use it. Try not to be negative if they request sick time. It is better for your employee to be sick at home rather than at work, spreading their germs to other employees and customers. If possible, allow them to work from home.
  3. Keep Your Office Clean. Educate your employees about proper office etiquette to stay healthier and prevent the spread of germs. Make hand sanitizers available in strategic places like restrooms, break areas, cafeteria, etc. and encourage your employees to use them. Provide your employees with disinfecting wipes. Encourage them to sanitize their work area – phones, computers, desktops, and workstations – at least once a day, and especially if they’re coughing, sneezing, or experiencing other cold and flu symptoms.
  4. Install Hands-Free Appliances. By installing hands-free soap dispensers, hand sanitizing stations, sink faucets, toilets, and paper towel dispensers, you can reduce the spread of any diseases or infection within your workplace. When your employees don’t have to touch these commonly used appliances, there’s less chance they’ll leave their germs on them.
  5. Schedule Extra or More Thorough Office Cleanings. Many Chicago-area companies hire a cleaning company, like City Wide of Illinois, to provide basic janitorial services a few times a week. However, during the cold and flu season, it may be advantageous to increase the number of times a cleaner comes in or to ask your cleaning company to perform a more thorough job.

“An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure.” – Benjamin Franklin

At City Wide of Illinois, we believe preventing the spread of germs can help your employees stay well. Therefore, we take extra care to proactively clean your office before, during and after the cold and flu season to make sure all surfaces are sanitized and disinfected. We understand just because a surface looks clean, it may not actually be clean. Therefore, we use the right cleaning products to properly eliminate germs and bacteria, especially on commonly touched areas like doorknobs, light switches, handrails, faucets, phones, keyboards, mice, and breakroom surfaces. Additionally, we will empty wastebaskets that contain germ-ridden tissues and paper towels daily to prevent the spread of disease.

As a full-service, facility maintenance company, we can also provide your business with janitorial supplies, like hand sanitizers, soap, disinfectants, tissues, and paper towels, to help keep your business clean and your employees well.

If you want to stop the spread of sickness and keep your employees happy, healthy, and productive year-round, contact the team at City Wide of Illinois at 630-457-1120 to find out how we can serve you.

Whether it’s the cold and flu season or not, City Wide of Illinois is your facility management partner, working to keep your employees well and your business looking great.


– Eileen of the City Wide of Illinois Blog Team