How to: Make a Landscaping Plan

It may seem like there are more important thingsLandscaping can make a big impression on visitors. It may seem like there are more important things to focus on when clients or prospects visit your facility, but the exterior of your building is the first thing they will see; it is the literal face of your company. When the outside of your office looks unkempt, it reflects poorly on your business.

Due to budgetary constraints many facility managers believe that enacting a landscaping plan just isn’t within reach – but that doesn’t have to be the case. By doing some research and making a plan, you can eliminate unnecessary renovations and reduce a portion of the cost.

Step 1: Look Outside

Grab a camera and take a walk.

Start at the visitor’s parking lot and approach the building, paying specific attention to the walkways and plants leading there. Landscaping elements along this route should be inviting and direct a pedestrian’s path and attention towards the building. Snap some shots.

Standing across from the entrance to your building you should take note of the shape of the facility in general and any landscaping elements that help to frame it. If your office is like most commercial facilities, you may want to soften the edges of the building by creating more rounded features along the perimeter. Take more pictures.

If there are any specific eyesores or problem areas on your grounds, be sure to visit that area and take plenty of photos.

Step 2: Photo Review

It’s time to take a look at the photos you took during your walk. Analyze the photos for areas you can make use of. Are there medians you can utilize? Is there space along the walkways and outside windows and doors for new landscaping elements?

Get creative and imagine different things that might work for your space. Keep in mind the message your company wants to evoke, and the image to be portrayed.

Step 3: Research

There are plenty of online resources that can help you understand what will work for your facility, but start by just searching through images for buildings that look similar to yours. Look at their landscaping elements. You will begin to see what works and what doesn’t.

Step 4: Find the Right Labor

By taking the steps above you will be more prepared and better understand the process of renovating your landscaping, but the next step is the hardest. Often it is very difficult to find someone willing to make decisions with your best interests in mind. Instead, you may find individuals and companies that want to make quick fixes and charge you more than their services are worth.

By contacting City Wide your landscaping needs will be met and your investment protected. You will have an experienced, dedicated team who will respect your opinions and preferences towards your building’s appearance. Contact City Wide today to discuss your landscaping options.