How long should a parking lot last?

A complete resurfacing or repaving of a parking lot or garage can be a big project. Depending on the size of the lot, it can be expensive, take a lot of time, and inconvenience the people who use the lot. Often these renovations can be postponed and small repairs can be sufficient. But when it comes time to actually redo the surface of your parking lot, it’s important to understand a few things.

parking lotIll-planned repairs and renovations can lead to bigger problems down the road.
If a crew patches holes or resurfaces things the wrong way, it can lead to increases in weathering damage later. Months or even years later, water or ice may be able to seep underneath the pavement and destroy it from the inside.

Expensive doesn’t always mean better.
While it can certainly be necessary to do a complete overhaul, many companies will try to sell you on unnecessary repairs, not only because you pay more, but also because it costs them less. Ask what your options are and weigh your choices, asking for an estimation on the durability of each service.

Sometimes paying more costs you less.
Nothing is worse than not getting what you paid for. When it comes to infrastructure like a parking lot or garage, paying to have a qualified team get the job done right can save you money in repairs in the future.

That’s why you should be sure to use an experienced and skilled team to manage lot renovations when they need to occur. City Wide can manage these services and so much more. By calling City Wide, we can ensure that you are getting everything you need and that it’s done right the first time.