How Can Heat Help Your Building Look HOT HOT HOT?

Are you getting these benefits of cleaningGrandma knew the benefits of hot water. Use that wisdom on your carpets to ensure you keep your carpeting clean and your building welcoming. Quality steam cleaning equipment will help keep the water hot while you clean, ensuring you get all of the benefits.

Are you getting these benefits of cleaning with heat?

HOT! The hotter the carpet, the faster it will dry, and the sooner you can get back to business.

HOT! Heat can help worn carpet plump back up and improve appearance.

HOT! Heat removes the most soil and doesn’t leave behind a residue, which can damage the carpet over time.

With time, the chemicals you use on your carpets will actually increase soil retention in the fibers. These chemicals act as a glue and attract soil and other particles, making your carpet look dirtier, sooner.

There are a variety of methods to clean carpet – the trick is having the technical knowledge to know the best method for your fiber type. Do you know how your building’s carpets are being cleaned? Carpet that isn’t regularly maintained can be a big eye sore. Let City Wide provide the carpet care essentials for your property and we will do it right!