Workplace Wellness

Keeping your employees and staff healthy can be a daunting undertaking when the weather changes. Colder weather lends itself to the spreading of contagious bacteria, viruses, and other microscopic organisms. Cleaning is only one small aspect of making your workplace a safe and contagion-free environment for those who spend their days inside your facility. By focusing on disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces within your building, you can help ensure a safer place for everyone.

By choosing City Wide for your janitorial services, you can be sure that your cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection needs are met. We will work with you to have your facility proactively treated before, during, and after the cold and flu season. We manage a wide variety of workplace wellness services that will help prevent illness in the workplace.

A little pre-planning and preparation can go a long way towards protecting your business’s productivity during the winter months. City Wide’s quick tips will help you prepare your office for flu season:

  • Create a Culture: Office environments are close communities, and it’s important to get everyone involved in flu prevention programs. Policies, events, and signage that promote healthy practices and raise awareness of available resources can create a culture of responsibility for personal health.
  • Sanitize Regularly: Flu virus can survive on hard surfaces for up to 24 hours, so a doorknob is only as sanitized as the next hand that touches it. Stock up on hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and tissues. High-touch areas like doorknobs, rails, and equipment should be sanitized regularly.
  • Regular Maintenance: Discarded tissues, paper towels, and trash carry germs in extremely high concentrations. Make sure you have enough wastebaskets, and that they are emptied regularly.

City Wide can schedule specialized services for businesses with vulnerable populations or high-traffic environments to help protect against cross-contamination. We can manage disinfecting surface treatments to enhanced janitorial services to whole-office disinfection.

By engaging a maintenance company that knows how to manage your workplace wellness, you can ensure a safe environment for everyone. Disinfecting surfaces in your building and providing the right cleaning supplies becomes a big priority, and by contacting City Wide to discuss your office wellness plan you will be prepared for any attacks to the health of your building’s patrons.