Matting Services

First impressions matter. City Wide recognizes this, which is why your entryway is one of our highest priorities. We recommend entryway mats as a common supplement to janitorial service for all of our clients.

Probably the most obvious reason to maintain the floor mats in your building’s entryways is to prevent slips and falls. The people walking in and out of your building depend on those mats whether they realize it or not, and allowing City Wide to maintain them is an investment in the safety of your building.

Studies have found that shoes carry contaminants. Bacteria and dirt clings to them as they contact a wide variety of surfaces all day long. This bacteria has also been proven to transfer from footwear 90% of the time it comes into contact with clean surfaces, and a study from The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA) showed that as much as 85% of the dirt in a building comes in via people’s shoes. This means harmful contagions and grime can easily spread into your building along high traffic areas.

Think of the impact of that dirt on your bottom line: maintenance costs, labor expenses for cleaning and repairs, even your employees’ health. By following recommended entryway matting procedures you can reduce contamination greatly.

City Wide can get you mats in a variety of materials and styles for every budget and decor. They are even available with your company logo. You can purchase mats outright, or sign up for a scheduled matting service that replaces mats periodically. Either way, make sure your mats are vacuumed daily for maximum effectiveness, and replaced when they start showing wear.

Contact City Wide today to set up a matting program that fits your building size, soil level, and budget.