Home Tips from City Wide: Supplies

Quality supplies, and using the best chemicals, are critical for City Wide and for the cleanliness of our clients’ buildings. We want to use the best quality supplies that also save you money and protect your health. But what do we use at home?Here are some more home tips

Here are some more home tips you can try for yourself!

  • Your dish soap can pull double duty. For window washing, use a good quality squeegee and a few drops of Dawn Dish Soap.
  • For stainless steel, use a microfiber cloth and a glass cleaner or mild detergent in a spray bottle. Always clean with the grain!
  • Place cubed ice into your garbage disposal and run it to help sharpen the blades. Additionally, add a chopped lemon to freshen and clean!
  • Use a mixture of 1/4 cup vinegar and 3/4 cup olive oil and magically remove scratches from furniture.
  • Cut an onion in half and rub it on your warm BBQ grates before you grill to prevent food from sticking to your BBQ grill.
  • Need to remove permanent marker from a hard wood floor? Put a dab of white toothpaste on the marker spot. Then rub like crazy with a damp washcloth, paper towel, or microfiber cloth.
  • Need to remove permanent marker from a whiteboard? Mistakes happen! To remove the stain, liberally draw over the offending message with a normal dry erase marker and then try erasing again. It’s like magic!

Outside of supplies, what home tips do we use?
Just like in our client buildings, we recommend team cleaning for efficiency in cleaning your home. For example, have the kids pick up toys in one room while your spouse consolidates the trash, and then follow them with the vacuum cleaner as they move on to the next room to do their dedicated task.