Hidden Pain Points: Window Caulking

often doing damage and causingPoorly done or aged window caulking causes costly problems in your commercial building, often doing damage and causing discomfort for years without being obvious.

Here are some common issues that can occur if your caulking is not maintained:

  • High Utility Bills ($) – Bad caulking decreases your insulation effectiveness, causing higher utility bills and uncomfortable temperatures for employees and tenants in all seasons.
  • Sudden Water Damage ($$) – Over the winter, moisture gathers around windows and often freezes in between poorly done caulking. This moisture repeatedly freezes and thaws, creating stress on the building that may rupture as the water builds up. This water causes damage to sheet rock, flooring, and even the electrical circuits before it is repaired.
  • Mold ($$$$) – The water damage explained above remains hidden within the sheet rock around the windows and often leads to mold when untreated. Mold removal, which often requires a government certified removal company, will quickly bust your carefully planned maintenance budget. The cost for mold removal ranges from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the severity. Additionally, mold results in a hazardous work place for those working within 15 feet of the affected area or those with mold allergies. Mold spores cause infections in the lungs, and in severe cases over a longer period of time can even prove fatal.

Proper caulking maintenance will help you avoid both the headaches and the bills from these types of disasters. Don’t become another statistic – call City Wide today!



Photo by Atomic Taco/ CC SA