This Professional Finds Popular Hardwood Floor Videos Gone Wrong


Have you ever noticed a hardwood floor that wasn’t sanded or refinished correctly? It’s a tough mistake to hide once the damage is done. In fact, the video below will reveal just how hard it is to cover it up.

Ben Osbourne is a floor sanding professional and YouTube sensation. So when he stumbled across the most viewed hardwood floor videos and how to refinish them, he was appalled at what he saw people doing—and ultimately, what he saw them teaching others to do

Even though Google and YouTube can be a helpful resource when trying to fix something, Osbourne warns it can often just lead to “bad advice” from people who have “only done it once themselves.” He even makes it a point to call out the importance of leaving this job to the professionals.

Watch the video below to see the four most popular viewed hardwood floor videos on YouTube on sanding and refinishing floors—and what he has to say about their mistakes.

Proper hard floor care is not a task to be undertaken lightly and should not be left to amateurs. Without knowledgeable, experienced professionals, stripping and refinishing your floor can be a hassle and can do more harm than good. Trusting City Wide to provide the proper treatment to the variety of hardwood floor surfaces in your building is the easiest way to ensure a quality outcome.

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