How to Fix a Gouge in Your Hardwood Floor

Can you recall some of the reasons you chose hardwood floors at your facility? Sure, there was the attraction to it being the type of surface that made it easy to clean if something was spilled or that odors wouldn’t accumulate over time like carpet. Or was it about the durability? Unlike carpet, which needs to be replaced every 8-10 years, hardwood floors can sometimes just simply need a refinishing to make them appear new again. Or on the flip side, perhaps you chose this floor type for aesthetic purposes.

But has there ever been a moment you regret your decision to go with hardwood floors? Say when you notice an abundant amount of scratches – or worse, a dent or deep gouge in the floor? Before you consider replacing your hardwood floor because of these imperfections, there are other solutions to consider.

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Determine What Kind of Imperfection It is

Is it a scratch? A dent? A gouge in the floor? It’s important to determine which one it is because the treatment to repair it will greatly differ.

Scratch: These sit on the surface of the floor, which can often be removed from buffing or polishing. But if there are only a few minor scratches, there’s a quick and handy tip to remove them with a walnut. Have you ever seen it done? Check out this video to see it live-in-action.

Dent: When heavy objects sit on a hardwood floor for a long time, it can create an impression into the wood floor. While this seems like a permanent imperfection, surprisingly there are methods out there to still try and remove dents in hardwood floors, such as using a continuous steaming method. In this video, one expert walks you through the materials and steps needed.

Gouge: When a heavy object is dropped on a hardwood floor, part of the flooring can be removed. If it’s deep enough, it can expose the raw part of the wood underneath the finish. When it’s a small gouge, it’s possible to repair it using something called wood putty, usually available at most hardware stores. Watch the DIY tutorial below that shows the process of how to work with the wood putty.

Then again, what if you aren’t a fan of the DIY approach – even if it’ll save you a few bucks? It’s not for everyone, especially when you feel like there’s never feels like enough hours in the day.

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Whatever the needs of your hard floors, City Wide has the tools and expertise to make them appear new again. We understand the in-depth cleaning hard-surface floors require and our skilled network of independent contractors have what it takes to bring your facility to the highest standards – including tending to floors that need some extra care.

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