Hardwood Floor Problems? What You Should Never Use To Clean Them…

Hardwood Floor Care Problems Solutions

Walking into a building with beautiful hardwood floors can create a stunning first impression. But when it starts to show scrapes and damage, stress sets in for the building owner—especially if it’s only a few years old.

Instead of looking into replacement costs, many might attempt a do-it-yourself approach to repair the hardwood floor. After all, how hard could it be? The truth is, hardwood floor care can be extremely complicated. So what should you avoid?

Popular cleaning products at stores: It’s tempting to want to go less expensive and find an all-purpose cleaner or wood furnishing cleaner at the store. But experts urge you to resist the temptation. It may not show it at first, but consistent use of these general products can do some major damage to your hardwood floor over time.

Vinegar: There are many good uses for vinegar, but a hardwood floor isn’t one of them. Sure, it breaks up the dirt on the floor. However, you’ll also find that it will likely ruin the finish—dulling the color and leaving odd-looking spots everywhere.

Just Water: Thinking you’ll be safe if you just stick to water? Experts also say this isn’t the right approach. Hardwood flooring has a tendency to absorb, and the result is uneven bubbles in the floor—eventually causing cracks in the board.

A Used Mop: Is your cleaning crew using the same mop on the hardwood floors as they used all over the rest of the building—such as tile in the kitchen? That’s a huge no-no for hardwood floor care. If the mop has been overused, the dirt gathering in the fibers from other rooms could be enough to result in little scrapes across the wooden floor.

Are you exhausted from dealing with the hardwood floor care in your building? We’re here to help save you time and solve your problems.

City Wide will work with you to create a floor care plan that covers all flooring types in your building, from carpet to tile to terrazzo. And if your flooring needs more attention from neglect or just continual wear and tear, we can coordinate more substantial restoration services such as strip and wax, refinish, and repair.

Contact City Wide today to book any of our services.


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