Are These Things in Your Building Causing People Frustration?

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As a building owner or facility manager, it’s most likely a goal of yours to keep it in the best condition possible.

But are there things you imagine your tenants may be wanting you to fix, even if they haven’t complained about it? Oftentimes, these things could easily be addressed by hiring a handyman.

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Here are some that may be causing problems for your tenants in your building:

  1. Burnt out lights in a section of the office: Has there been a corner of the office that’s noticeably darker? And is it affecting productivity levels and causing low morale in the office? Lights in the office aren’t as always as easy as switching out a bulb at home. It’s best to hire a professional to handle this.
  2. Missing or damaged ceiling tiles: Not only can this be an eyesore for tenants and their employees, but it can cause a whole host of other problems such as extra dust and dirt and insect trouble.
  3. Broken toilets: How long has that “out of order” sign been up on that bathroom stall? Even worse, is it causing a line to form because of being down one stall? It’s tempting to move this problem to the bottom of the list since there are still two additional functioning toilets. But it could be causing productivity issues if employees are taking longer breaks to use the bathroom.
  4. Doors slamming: Is there a door in your building that tends to slam shut when opened causing a disruption every time? Even if it’s something as simple as a squeaky door you’ve degreased repeatedly, but the problem persists, it may be time to bring in a handyman.
  5. Flickering lights in the building: You might be surprised to learn there are far more negative effects on your tenants when there’s a flickering light than just annoyance. In fact, studies show flickering lights can even affect our emotions. While it could be a light bulb about to go out, there could also be some minor electrical issues that could easily be fixed by a handyman.

If you have a long list of repairs you need, it can be a challenge to know where to start. City Wide can give you the help, direction, and oversight needed to get your facility look its best—all while keeping your tenants happy.

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A handyman can take care of all the little problems around your building, so you don’t have to. Contact your local City Wide today to find out how we can make your ongoing maintenance problems a thing of the past.