Hands as Germ Spreaders

Germ is derived Germ is derived from the Latin word germen, meaning seed or sprout. Think germinate. This was a term coined by early scientists who thought of these particles as tiny seeds being spread invisibly between organisms by floating through the air. The idea that unseen microscopic particles inhabit every surface we make contact with is something society has come to accept through scientific understanding. The two most commonly known germs are bacteria and viruses, and there is an abundance of products on the market which focus on eliminating these microscopic pests from your environment.

To this day, one of the strongest weapons we have in our war against illness is cleanliness. By consistently cleaning your hands throughout your daily activities you can defend yourself from more than just the common cold. Antibacterial hand soap and sanitizer can reduce the threat of sickness a great deal, but simply being aware of the surfaces your hands come into contact with can be just as important.

Areas and surfaces that are commonly touched by others are hotbeds of contagious germ activity. By making yourself aware of places like doors, stair rails, keyboards, counter tops, touchscreens, buttons, and phones, you can begin to understand the amount of contact you really have with other people in your environment. The worst of these interactions usually arise from the restroom. By making bathroom appliances such as faucets, paper towel dispensers, urinals, and toilets automatic, you are eliminating the need to come into contact with these surfaces.

The end of summer is a good time to begin thinking about workplace wellness, as it is important to prepare for the onslaught of the changing seasons. With fall and winter comes the spread of milder temperatures which in turn creates a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and other forms of germs. Preparing yourself for this time of year and educating your employees about the proper hand hygiene can not only make the colder months easier to get through, it can promote productivity and overall health in the office.

By employing a maintenance company who knows how to manage your workplace wellness, you can ensure a safe environment for everyone. Disinfecting surfaces in your building and providing the right cleaning supplies becomes a big priority, and by contacting City Wide to discuss your office wellness plan you will be prepared for the coming immune assault.