Hand Sanitizer vs. Soap: Does One Protect Your Facility More Than The Other?

Hand Sanitizer Vs Soap Supply Management

There’s been a long-standing debate over the years about how effective hand sanitizer is vs. the soap and water method—especially during cold and flu season. But what about other bacteria such as E.coli?

While many facilities are taking precaution these days by getting electrostatic disinfectant treatments done regularly, facilities that don’t have this service done can often be at high risk for bacteria spreading quicker if employees or tenants aren’t properly killing the bacteria on their hands.

Nowadays, it’s common to see hand sanitizer stations in the lobby of buildings for guests to use as they arrive and leave—especially before or after they handle door knobs, elevator buttons, or leave the restroom—but just how effective is hand sanitizer vs. soap?

KGW8 News in Portland decided to put both hand sanitizer and the traditional soap and water method to the test by intentionally rubbing E.coli bacteria all over a reporter’s hands and having scientists test which disinfectant method worked best to remove it. Do you think you know the answer? Their results may surprise you. Watch the video below to see their hand sanitizer vs. soap investigation.

Do you need help keeping your soap and hand sanitizer stations filled during the week? Are your employees or tenants constantly nagging you about these stations getting low too quickly mid-week?

By letting City Wide manage your supply management needs, running out of soap, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, paper towels, and so on will never be a concern again. We make sure your building is always stocked and ready to go, especially during cold and flu season.

Visit your local City Wide for more information.


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