Graffiti Removal is a Job for the Pros

I was walking down the street the other day when I saw a man – a store clerk for a nice upscale boutique – up on a ladder by the curb.

It was right at closing time and this clerk was up on a ladder in the summer heat scrubbing graffiti off of a sign outside his store. It occurred to me as I watched paint and solvent drip on his shoes, that this was as good an argument for City Wide in action as I
could envision.  

This store clerk is not an expert in graffiti removal. He didn’t know the right chemical to use; he didn’t contain the drips that stained the pavement; he didn’t have proper PPE. But then, he shouldn’t have to be an expert in building maintenance practices.

If this store had a relationship with City Wide, their FSM could make sure that graffiti was cleared quickly and with minimal impact on the environment; could repair any paint and other associated damage, and would certainly recommend a surface treatment to reduce the adhesion of any future paint problems on sensitive surfaces.

That’s what City Wide does: we take the hassles out of building maintenance for small businesses so your store clerks can get back to work. We do more than janitorial…we manage solutions to everyday problems.  It’s just that simple.