Going Green With Supplies

What does “going green”What does “going green” actually mean? In very simple terms, it refers to minimizing or offsetting the amount of greenhouse gases we release into the environment through any human activity.

When running a facility, going green is a priority that tends to sound great, but consistently falls by the wayside. This happens for a number of reasons but almost always comes back to the amount of time, effort, and money that goes into maintaining environmentally conscious procedures and products. However, those worries can be addressed by trusting City Wide with your Green Cleaning.

City Wide has working relationships with many of the top vendors in the green cleaning supplies industry. Because of this we can offer reasonable pricing on high quality products, such as sustainable cleaning chemicals and environmentally friendly paper products. These potential savings alone can help in making the switch to sustainable practices throughout your workplace, but City Wide also offers the support and knowledge necessary for proper implementation.

In order to be compliant with federal EPA regulations on environmental cleaning products, a little bit of know-how is needed. Your chemicals must be mixed at the right ratios, products need to be stored in the proper manner, and specific cleaning procedures need to be followed. These processes are something we have the ability to focus on for our clients and take pride in doing well.

Whether you just want to switch to eco-friendly paper towels or want an entire overhaul of your sustainability efforts, contact City Wide to learn what we can do for your facility.