Go Green With City Wide

Go Green With City WideIt can be easy to get stuck in your own way when it comes to cleaning your facility. When you’ve been doing something the same way for years and it’s working, why change it? At City Wide, we understand. We know the way you’ve been cleaning may make your office and facilities look tidy and presentable, and the switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products just doesn’t seem worth it.

However, what if we told you that green cleaning could offer benefits beyond just being environmentally friendly, and we could get it to you at a cost-effective price? Through City Wide, it’s possible!

Green cleaning products are not only good for the Earth, but they are less toxic to the indoor air around you, those who use the products, and anyone who enters your building. Unfortunately, standard cleaning products can aggravate breathing problems, skin allergies, and other health concerns. When you switch to green cleaning, you are not only improving your air quality, but you’re improving your workplace productivity for your employees.

Fortunately, City Wide has working relationships with many of the top vendors in the green cleaning supply industry. Because of this, we can offer competitive pricing on high-quality products, such as sustainable cleaning solutions and environmentally friendly paper products. These potential savings alone can help in making the switch to sustainable practices throughout your workplace, and City Wide also offers the support and knowledge necessary for proper implementation.

Adopting a green cleaning program can have a large impact on the health of your building by addressing indoor contaminants and proper ventilation. Whether you just want to switch to eco-friendly paper towels or want an entire overhaul of your sustainability efforts, contact City Wide to learn what we can do for your facility!