Getting Out the Grime in Your Rubber Floors

Rubber flooringRubber flooring has been a mainstay in gyms and training rooms for many years, but this versatile flooring option has also become a popular choice for institutions, schools, playgrounds, and swimming pools. Many facilities that choose this flooring type do so for its qualities as a resilient surface that can add grip and prevent slips and falls even in wet conditions. Rubber flooring is used for very specific purposes, and the maintenance of its appearance and functionality can be just as specific.

A lot of rubber flooring is studded or textured in order to increase its slip resistant qualities. This can make maintaining the look of the surface more difficult, as dirt and buildup can accumulate in areas that are not easily cleaned by traditional methods. In these cases, attacking the grimeattacking the grime on a daily or weekly basis is essential to preventing this buildup from taking hold.

Vacuuming with a high airflow vacuum should be a daily routine for most areas. Using an automatic floor scrubber or a buffer with a soft scrub brush, alongside a commercial wet/dry vacuum, can also be helpful for some rubber floors. However, like using a dust mop or string mop, this can be ineffective due to the surface’s possible textured or studded qualities. Normal cotton mops might even shred during use, and while nylon or rough surface mops may work better, these are still not optimal for this flooring type.

Over time, it may become necessary to do a more intensive cleaning procedure. In this case, specific devices are needed. A dual surface extractor with specific hard surface tools can loosen and remove the buildup effectively. These wand-like scrubbing devices are designed to be hooked up to the extractors, which continuously pull the dirtied solution mixture through with a high powered pump system. There are even cleaning solutions designed specifically for rubber flooring such as the Diversey Profi Floor Cleaner and WiWax Cleaning and Maintenance Emulsion which breathe life back into these surfaces.

While this kind of restorative process isn’t a regular necessity, having it scheduled in advance can ensure your rubber flooring doesn’t become a neglected part of your building. With regular professional maintenance, rubber flooring can be an extremely sustainable and versatile surface that will last for several decades. Contact your local City Wide to get a variety of hard floor surfaces cleaned the right way.