Top 7 Areas Office Janitorial Crews Might Forget to Clean

Forget To Clean Office Janitorial

Can you imagine what the cleaning process looks like in your office on a daily basis? Do you see the team vacuuming, wiping glass doors, emptying the trash, and dusting? Is there anything more to it? Do you ever wonder if there are places they forget to clean?

You might be surprised to learn what those areas are in your office. So, we’ve rounded up the top seven places people forget to clean—which may be dirtier than the high-traffic areas at your facility!

  1. Stair corners and edges: You’d think dirt, debris, and salt would only accumulate on the main path of the stairs. Surprisingly, buildup can happen just as quickly in the corners and edges, too. How? It’s easy for our shoes to kick those particles into those areas.
  2. Office Chairs: Upholstery and other office furniture easily attracts dust. And not only that, if your facility has a waiting room or lots of visitors coming and going in a seating area—even a conference room—odors and stains are inevitable.
  3. Walls: Have you ever looked behind that hallway door that’s always open? Typically, it’s another “forget to clean” hot spot. Low traffic or air flow can encourage dust and dirt to accumulate in layers.
  4. Behind copy machines/printers: Ever notice a breeze coming from the copy machine or printer? You may not be able to see it, but tiny particles are being blown out from the machine to print those copies you need for your meeting. Now, imagine how often those machines get used during the day.
  5. Drying rack in the kitchen: Do people in your office wash their Tupperware or dishes after lunch—leaving it to dry all afternoon? If so, it’s unlikely they also take the initiative to clean the drying rack once in a while. Many might figure clean dishes are going on there, so how can it be dirty? But water accumulation can be a breeding ground for mildew.
  6. Trash cans: The liners may be getting changed out every day, but when was the last time the cans were given a good washing? Every once in a while, bags get holes in them, causing food leakage and odors.
  7. Under the refrigerator in the breakroom: It’s one of the most dreaded places to clean, but the amount of grime, dirt, mold, and dust can be overwhelming in such a short time.

At any point while reading this, did you check behind or under these places in your office? Were you surprised what you found?

If you’d like to see a more professional and consistent cleaning job being done in your office, City Wide would love to talk to you. We’ll also be happy to customize the scope of cleaning to make sure all areas you wish to see clean are getting a thorough job. We’re the largest maintenance company in the industry, facilitating janitorial and 20+ additional services for every client.

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