Flooding: Water Removal

Flooding is almost never something you expect. Not only is it a serious inconvenience, but it can cause a severe amount of damage to property. This kind of damage is something that becomes an issue in terms of both cleanup and repair.

Whether the flooding is coming from broken pipes or abnormal rainfall and window leaks, you will first need the water removed. This is extremely important as water damage is often caused or exacerbated by prolonged exposure to standing water or even excess moisture. The immediate removal of this water will limit the chance of damage.

Outside of furniture and a room’s other contents, flooding can even cause damage to walls and concrete. If there is carpet that has been affected by the water, specific machines such as wet vacuums should be used to remove the moisture. Specialized tools owned by professionals make this process more efficient and less costly.

If the concrete underneath has been affected, even more specialized processes can become necessary. Equalizing the humidity is important if you need to fully dry the concrete in an area that has been flooded, because laying new flooring on concrete that is holding moisture will result in flooring damage or even mold growth down the road.

Whether you need a basic water removal or a full damage repair, City Wide can manage the services essential to getting your facility back to normal. Allowing an amateur to address flooding issues may provide an immediate fix, but can often lead to bigger, more costly problems down the road. Don’t risk it – contact City Wide instead. Our professionals have the skills and experience to manage all your building maintenance needs.